Securely Port Tokens Beyond Blockchain Frontiers

ChainPort is a next-gen hard-security blockchain bridge that lets you hop across chains at a click

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Breaking Liquidity Silos

ChainPort uses asset composability to take advantage of liquidity, pricing and user-base across chains. Assets can funnel volume and demand to and port between multiple chains, ensuring maximized tokens' distribution and liquidity

Chains Supported

Binance Smart Chain


Polygon (Matic)

Coming Soon



Coming Soon

ChainPort Features

A new-generation bridge that will enable novel yield opportunities, liquidity for staked assets, cross-chain composability, cross-chain swaps and much more


Security is paramount for ChainPort and includes these features plus undisclosed ones

Audited and monitored by


2021 Q3 :
  • ETH → BSC - V
  • Increase security (Ongoing vector) - V
  • Multichain EVM support (Ongoing vector):
    1. Polygon
    2. Heco
    3. Avalanche
    4. All EVM Compatible networks
  • Polygon
  • Support original non-ETH assets:
    1. Ongoing Vector
  • App Stats
  • Finalising Staking schema
2021 Q4 :
  • Privacy features
  • First Non-EVM chain support:
    1. Ongoing Vector
  • Expose API for machine cross-chain transfers
  • Launch first Staking program of bridged token
  • Build a Chainport widget
2022 Q1 :
  • Minimizing dependency on ChainPort, MPC solutions

ChainPort Economy

ChainPort is an ultra value-adder, enabling opportunities like extreme privacy and compounded yield generation

Privacy as Service


It is in the best interest of projects to utilize ChainPort as their preferred bridge partner as it will open access to the large portion of the crypto market that values privacy.

Projects tap into additional token distribution and privacy-focused users can tap into more assets.

Ports that involve privacy features will carry a fee

ChainPort is the most attractive bridge option for projects that value LPs.

LPs have to give up the right to native staking when participating in DEX liquidity. ChainPort is the only option to participate in native chain staking and then becoming a LP on the DEX of other chains.

Projects utilizing ChainPort ensure their most meaningful community members, LPs, benefit from native staking too. Compounded Yield will therefore carry a fee

Compounded Yield
as Service

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The Future of Cross-Chain Interoperability is Now!

Interoperability is the gateway to blockchain supremacy, inviting everyone to benefit from leading technologies, advanced features, lower cost and expanded user base of any blockchain without limitation.
ChainPort leads the way in creating bridge security and permissionless porting, nurturing projects' ability to generate more value for their users, and expanding tokens' volume, reach and discoverability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChainPort?

ChainPort is an easy-to-use, permissionless blockchain bridge for crypto tokens. Anyone can use ChainPort to transfer their tokens between blockchains.

Any token ported to another blockchain with ChainPort keeps full functionality on the destination blockchain, enabling interoperability between blockchains. 

Who built ChainPort?

ChainPort is developed by DcentraLab (previously 2key Labs), a company specializing in developing blockchain-based products and solutions. Other DcentraLab prominent projects in the blockchain space include 2key Network, Hord, and Tokensfarm.

How secure is ChainPort?

ChainPort leads the way in terms of security with advanced blockchain specific features such as:

  • Funds segregation
  • Multi-sig cold wallet protection
  • Contract level security
  • Continuous monitoring 

For detailed explanations of our security features, check here
To check audits of ChainPort smart contract security by leading cybersecurity auditors, click here.

What makes ChainPort Unique?

ChainPort is the next iteration of blockchain bridges with a combination of features exclusive to ChainPort:

- Permissionless porting

- Multiple wallet support

- Direct cross-chain porting

- Customized deep link bridge page

- API integration

-Direct contract calls

More stellar features are coming soon

- Cross-chain swaps

- Embeddable ChainPort widget

- Staking frozen tokens

How much does it cost to use ChainPort?

Depositing, transferring, and withdrawing your tokens through ChainPort is free. Only gas Tx fees are due to the relevant blockchains.
Chainport might charge fees in the future for premium features.

Does ChainPort have a token?

No. At the moment, ChainPort does not have any native token but is working on a tokenomics model in the near future. That tokenomics model might include a native token.
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